Mathematical Articles - J.S. Milne, Top
1967The conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for constant abelian varieties over function fieldsThesisabstractnotes
1968aExtensions of abelian varieties defined over a finite fieldInvMabstractnotes
1968bThe Tate-S(h)afarevic(h) group of a constant abelian varietyInvMabstractnotes
1970aThe homological dimension of commutative group schemes over a perfect fieldJAlgabstractnotes
1970b Elements of order p in the Tate-S(h)afarevic(h) groupBLMSabstract 
1970c Weil-Châtelet groups over local fieldsAnENSabstract 
1970d The Brauer group of a rational surfaceInvMabstract 
1971a Abelian varieties over finite fields (with W. C. Waterhouse)CONFabstract 
1972a On the arithmetic of abelian varietiesInvMabstractnotes
1972b Congruence subgroups of abelian varietiesBscMabstract 
1973a On a theorem of Mazur and RobertsAJMabstract 
1975a On a conjecture of Artin and TateAnnMabstractnotes
1976a Duality in the flat cohomology of a surfaceAnENSabstractnotes
1976b Flat homologyBAMSabstractnotes
1976c Duality in the flat cohomology of curves (with M. Artin)InvMabstract 
1979a Points on Shimura varieties mod pCONFabstractnotes
1979b Etude d'une class d'isogénieSEMabstract 
1979c Shimura varieties: conjugates and the action of complex multiplication (with K-y. Shih).MANabstract 
1981a The action of complex conjugation on a Shimura variety  (with K-y. Shih)AnnMabstract 
1981b Automorphism groups of Shimura varieties and reciprocity laws (with K-y. Shih)AJMabstract 
1981c Some estimates from étale cohomologyCrelleabstract 
1981d Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication (for Pedestrians)MANabstractnotes
1982a Hodge cycles on abelian varieties (notes of a seminar of P. Deligne)LNMabstractnotes
1982c Langlands's construction of the Taniyama group (with K-y. Shih)LNMabstract 
1982d Conjugates of Shimura varieties (with K-y. Shih)LNMabstract 
1982e Zero cycles on algebraic varieties in nonzero characteristic: Rojtman's theoremCompMabstract 
1982f Comparison of the Brauer group with the Tate-S(h)afarevic(h) groupJTokyoabstractnotes
1983a The action of an automorphism of C on a Shimura variety and its special pointsMANabstractnotes
1984 Kazhdan's Theorem on Arithmetic VarietiesMANabstract 
1986a Values of zeta functions of varieties over finite fieldsAJMabstractnotes
1986b Abelian varietiesCONFabstractnotes
1986c Jacobian varietiesCONFabstractnotes
1987 The (failure of the) Hasse principle for centres of semisimple groupsMANabstract 
1987lLetter on origin of the \nu_n(r) (log de Rham-Witt)-cohomologyLetterabstract
1988a Automorphic vector bundles on connected Shimura varietiesInvMabstract 
1988b Motivic cohomology and values of zeta functionsCompMabstractnotes
1990a Canonical models of (mixed) Shimura varieties and
automorphic vector bundles (AA conference)
1990b Letter to Deligne 28.03.90 (on signs in Shimura Varieties)Letterabstract 
1992aThe points on a Shimura variety modulo a prime of good reduction (Montreal)CONFabstractnotes
1994aMotives over finite fields (Seattle)CONFabstractnotes
1994b Shimura varieties and motives (Seattle)CONFabstractnotes
1995aFour talks at IAS on Shimura varietiesTALKabstract 
1995b Shimura VarietyEOMabstract 
1995c On the conjecture of Langlands and RapoportarXivabstract 
1999a Lefschetz Classes on Abelian VarietiesDMJabstractnotes
1999b Lefschetz Motives and the Tate ConjectureCompMabstractnotes
1999c Descent for Shimura VarietiesMMJabstractnotes
2000 Towards a proof of the conjecture of Langlands and RapoportTALKabstract 
2001a The Tate conjecture for certain abelian varieties over finite fieldsActAabstractnotes
2002a Polarizations and Grothendieck's Standard ConjecturesAnnMabstractnotes
2002b MR review of: Harris and Taylor, The Geometry and
Cohomology of Some Simple Shimura Varieties, 2001
2003a Canonical models of Shimura curvesTALKabstract 
2003b Gerbes and abelian motivesarXivabstract 
2004a Integral Motives and Special Values of Zeta Functions (with N. Ramachandran)JAMSabstractnotes
2004b MR review of Shimura, Collected PapersREVIEWabstract 
2004c Periods of abelian varietiesCompMabstract 
2005a Introduction to Shimura varietiesCONFabstractnotes
2005cThe de Rham-Witt and Zp-cohomologies of an algebraic variety (with Niranjan Ramachandran)AdvMabstract
2006aMotives over FparXivabstractnotes
2007aSemisimple Lie algebras, algebraic groups, and tensor categoriesMANabstract 
2007bSemisimple algebraic groups in characteristic zeroarXivabstract 
2007cThe fundamental theorem of complex multiplicationarXivabstract 
2007dQuotients of Tannakian CategoriesTACabstract 
2007eThe Tate conjecture over finite fields (AIM talk)arXivabstractnotes
2008bPoints on Shimura varieties over finite fields: the conjecture of Langlands and RapoportarXivabstract 
2009aMotivic complexes over finite fields and the ring of correspondences
at the generic point (with Niranjan Ramachandran)
2009bRational Tate classesMoMJabstract 
2009c Motives -- Grothendieck's Dream (Chinese) MATabstract  
2010 Nonhomeomorphic conjugates of connected Shimura varieties (with Junecue Suh)AJMabstract 
2012 What is a Shimura variety?NAMSabstract 
2013a Motives -- Grothendieck's Dream (English)inBOOK abstract 
2013b Shimura varieties and moduliinBOOK abstract 
2013c A Proof of the Barsotti-Chevalley theorem on algebraic groups.arXiv abstract 
2013d Motivic complexes and special values of zeta functions (with NR).arXiv abstract 
2014 The work of John Tate.inBOOK abstract 
2015a The p-cohomology of algebraic varieties and special values of zeta functions (with NR).JIMJ abstract 
2015b Addendum to 1986a (Values of zeta functions of varieties over finite fields, AJM, 1986.) AJMabstract 
2015c The Riemann hypothesis over finite fields: from Weil to the present day.inBOOK abstract 
2016 The Riemann hypothesis over finite fields... (reprint of 2015c).ICCMn abstract 
2017a The work of John Tate (reprint of 2 pages of 2014).BAMS abstract 
2017b Review of the collected works of John Tate.BAMS abstract