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Link Title Date Version Pages pdf
CA A Primer of Commutative Algebra 18.03.17 v4.02 113 pages pdf Primer
MOT Motives--Grothendieck's Dream 24.04.12 v2.04 15 pages pdf Popular talk
SVN What is a Shimura Variety? 01.09.12
3 pages pdf Notices AMS
SVI Introduction to Shimura Varieties 16.09.17
172 pages pdf Extended introduction
SVH Shimura Varieties and Moduli 30.04.11 v2.00 76 pages pdf Handbook article
TC Tannakian Categories (with P. Deligne) 15.08.12   72 pages pdf TeXed original
Tate The Work of John Tate 23.09.12   72 pages pdf For Abel prize volume
SGA3 Review of SGA 3 (2011 version) 31.03.12   3 pages pdf Review+Newsletter EMS
AVs Abelian Varieties 06.08.12   46 pages pdf 1986 Storrs article, corrected
JVs Jacobian Varieties 04.01.18   45 pages pdf 1986 Storrs article, corrected
pRH The Riemann Hypothesis over Finite Fields 02.07.15   65 pages pdf Modern history
TateCW Review of the Collected Works of John Tate 05.09.16   10 pages pdf Review (BAMS)

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All his life he had striven to elaborate this restrained, unpretentious style, through which readers would grasp the content without noticing what had enabled them to do so.
      Boris Pasternak, in Doctor Zhivago.
It was a compulsion for Artin to present each argument in its purest form, to replace computation by conceptual arguments, to strip the theory of unnecessary ballast. What was the decisive point for him was to show the beauty of the subject to the reader. He himself has said: " We all believe that mathematics is an art. The author of a book, the lecturer in a classroom tries to convey the structural beauty of mathematics to his readers, to his listeners. In this attempt, he must always fail."
      Richard Brauer, BAMS 73 (1967), p38.
It is completely clear to me which conditions caused the gradual decadence of mathematics, from its high level some 100 years ago, down to the present hopeless nadir... Through the influence of textbooks like those of Hasse, Schreier and van der Waerden, the new generation was seriously harmed, and the work of Bourbaki finally dealt the fatal blow.
      Siegel, in a letter to Weil quoted in Math. Intell. 30.3, p34.
My love for hiking was Delone's influence. He was a well-known lover of mountain hiking. His feeling for natural beauty was surprisingly strongly developed. If you wanted to travel in the mountains where it is beautiful, the best way was to ask Delone. You could rely on him a hundred percent there. He would always recommend a route, a pretty pass. He would say: "Everyone goes that way, but you go this way, it is more beautiful."
      Shafarevich, as quoted in Math. Intell. 11.2, p28.