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       To have no errors
       Would be life without meaning
       No struggle, no joy
       -- Brian M. Porter

Thou shalt commit adultery.
            Exodus 20:14, King James Bible, 1631 edition.
Rejoice and be exceedingly clad.
            Bible, 1864 edition.
Signs in hotels:
To call a broad from France, first dial 00.
Please leave your values at the front desk.
French widow in every room.
Note that the pages are permuted in Lecture Notes 151, the correct order is 265-266-268-269-267-270-271.
            SGA 3, 2011 edition, Tome I, p.267.
In the late 1990s and at the beginning of the new millennium, the importance of multiplier ideals was lying mostly in the ability to circumcise the difficulties arising when applying Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing ...
3:00-4:30pm Number Theory---Prof. Ben Green---(UBC)---Finite field models in addictive number theory---4096 EH
           UM Seminars for March 15--19, 2004.
An Israeli newspaper quoted the French foreign minister as saying that "Israel would eat Iran". In fact, he said (in English) that "Israel would hit Iran"
  , 2008.
those folkways have left an inedible impression even on the majority of Americans whose ancestors did not come from the British Isles.
            New York Times Book Review, November 2, 2008, p18.
We quoted [the Bishop] as referring to "the ear of the Lord's favour". It should have read "the year of the Lord's favour" (Isaiah 61:2)
            "Corrections and clarifications" from the Guardian Weekly, November 13--19, 2003.
The Indian security forces seized a huge supply of arms and ammunition en route to Nepal on Thursday during a security check of a passenger bus on the Nepal-India border. The bus contained seven cartoons of rifles....
  , June 19, 2004.
At a speech to high school students in Orlando, Gov. Jeb Bush was stumped on a math question from the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, which he has championed. A student, Luana Marques, 18, posed the question: ''What are the angles on a three-four-five-triangle?'' The governor gave a steely grin. ''The angles would be -- if I was going to guess,'' he said. ''Three-four-five, Three-four-five. I don't know, 125, 90 and whatever remains on 180?'' Ms. Marques had the correct answer: 30, 60 and 90. ''
           New York Times July 7, 2004.
A report ... on Wednesday ... misstated the answer. The angles on a 3-4-5 triangle are 90 degrees, 53.1 degrees and 36.9 degrees -- not, as the student said, 30, 60 and 90.
           New York Times, July 9, 2004.