Nelson Mountains

Golden Bay
Kaituna Track
Cape Farewell Walk 4h photos DOC   Puponga Hilltop Walk
Motueka River Valley
Mount Owen 2d (14h) photos DOC From north via Granity Pass
Salisbury Tablelands and Mt Arthur 2d (12h) photos DOC Fiora Saddle; Balloon Creek; Gordons Pyramid; Mt Arthur
Nelson Lakes
Mount Angelus 3d (20h) photos DOC Robert Ridge; Mt Angelus; Hukere Stream + Lakeside Track.
For the Puponga Hilltop Walk, see also: Barnett, Day Walks.
For the last three tramps, see also: Groves, Weekend Tramps.

Kaituna Track

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NZ1801 NZ1802
Forest Forest

Cape Farewell Walk (Puponga Hilltop Walk)

NZ1786 NZ1787 NZ1790 NZ1791
NZ1795 NZ1796 NZ1798 NZ1799

Mount Owen

NZ1735 NZ1736 NZ1740 NZ1742 NZ1744
North North West Ghost Valley Mount Owen
NZ1745 NZ1747 NZ1751 NZ1757 NZ1760
Tarns East Arch From summit Flowers
NZ1764 NZ1766 NZ1767
Rocks Ghost Valley West

Salisbury Tablelands and Mount Arthur

NZ1768 NZ1770 NZ1772 NZ1774
Balloon Track On Pyramid From Pyramid Gordons Pyramid
NZ1775 NZ1778 NZ1781 NZ1785
From top From campsite From top Mount Arthur

Mount Angelus

NZ1804 NZ1805 NZ1807 NZ1808 NZ1810
Lake Rotoiti Robert Ridge Robert Ridge From Robert Ridge Hinapouri Tarn
NZ1811 NZ1814 NZ1823 NZ1825 NZ1830
Hinapouri Tarn Hinapouri Tarn Summit Lake Angelus Hinapouri Tarn
NZ1835 NZ1836 NZ1838
Hukere Stream Hukere Stream Traverse Valley

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