Mount Titiroa (Lake Manapouri, Fiordland)   

A magnificent two or three day tramp near Lake Manapouri.

Moir's Guide South pp164-166; Topos C43 Manapouri; C44 Hunter Mountains.


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In calm settled conditions, it is possible to kayak from Supply Bay to the head of Hope Arm in 2 hours. The hut at Hope Arm is correctly marked on the map at the right (western) end of the beach. Alternatively, rent a rowboat from Manapouri Motors to cross the Waiau River, and follow the track to Hope Arm (2-3 hours).

The track to Garnock Burn leaves behind the hut, and is well marked. There are good campsites on the flats at Garnock Burn.

On exiting the track at Garnock Burn, cross the Burn, and head directly up the untracked bush slopes opposite, dodging bluffs as you go. This is easier than it sounds. After about an hour, the slope begins to ease, and you find yourself following a ridge running south with good animal tracks and even the odd boot mark. After about another hour, you emerge from the bush, and see the sandy/pebbly saddle with campsites and a reliable trickle of water below to the southwest. [On the descent back to the Garnock Burn, there are glimpses of the flats in the Burn which help orientate the descent.]

Climb the easy ridge with strange rock formations and spectacular views to the summit of Mt Titiroa.

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