Hump Ridge   

The Hump Range lies to the west of Te Wae Wae Bay and rises to a height of 1,067m. On a fine day a magnificent view is obtained of southern Fiordland, overlooking Lakes Poteriteri and Hauroko and the vast area of country beyond the range stretching towards Long Sound and Preservation Inlet. The Hump Track was cut in 1883 by Donald Cameron, who leased the Hump Run, and stocked it with sheep in the early eighties. He also continued the track from the Hump down a steep spur to the outlet of Lake Hauroko.
Moir's Guide Book (Southern Section), 1986, p. 122.
The Hump Ridge consists of sandstones, mudstones and conglomerates of Tertiary age. These sedimentary rocks have been weathered at the southern end to produce a striking series of rock towers standing above the tussock, herbfield and alpine tarns.
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Routes to the north end of the Hump ridge

  1. From Teal Bay on Lake Hauroko. This is a marked track that begins at the lakeshore, about 20 minutes south of the Teal Bay Hut. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach the ridge at P1054. Teal Bay can be reached from the Hauroko carpark in 8-10 hours tramping, or in about 2 hours by kayak (caution: Hauroko is notoriously rough).
  2. From the end of Blue Cliffs beach on Te Waewae Bay. Follow up the forest road for 1 hour, and then the track to reach the ridge in another 2.5 hours.

Routes off the south end of the Hump ridge to the South Coast Track

  1. To the mouth of the Wairaurahiri river. Follow down the Hump ridge to the top of the spur dividing the two branches of the Kaituna stream (this is now a tourist track). Follow the spur down, and after the branches of the Kaituna stream join, stay on the south side of the stream to its junction with the Wairaurahiri river. Follow the east bank of the river to the coast.
  2. Follow the Hump ridge all the way to the coast (this is now a tourist track).
  3. Follow the tourist track to reach the coast at the mouth of the Pipi Tuaraki stream.

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