New Zealand

1954 Earnslaw (with L. and R. Stewart and C.Lea)
1959 Centaur Peak (first ascent of east peak; with R. Stewart; NZAJ 1959, p134)
1959 Taiaroa (first ascent of mountain; with R. Stewart, A.Greet; NZAJ 1959, p93-96)
1959 Tuhawaiki Pk (first ascent via west ridge; same party; ib.)
1959 Mt Gifford (first ascent of mountain; first traverse; with R. Stewart;ib.)
1959 Adelaide Pk (first ascent via west ridge; with R. Stewart, A. Greet; ib.)
1961 Aspiring (SW ridge; with J. McKinnon; NZAJ 1962, p155).
1961 Mt Cook (grand traverse; with L. and R. Stewart, D. Bishop; NZAJ 1962, p152).
1962 Mt Cook (First ascent of south (Hooker) face, with R. Stewart et al; NZAJ 1963, p88-90)
1963 Mt Tasman (E. face, with R. Stewart, J. McKinnon; NZAJ 1963, p188)
1964 Tutoko (with G. Edwards et al; NZAJ 1964, p322-324)
and many other ascents.


Mont Blanc (Brenva arete plus two solo ascents), Tour Ronde (north face), Aiguille du Chardonnet (north buttess), Matterhorn, Bishorn (northeast face), Zinalrothorn, Jungfrau, Monch (Nollen buttress) , Aletschhorn (Hasler rib), Piz Bernina (Biancograt), Piz Gluschaint (northwest face), Montagne des Agneaux (voie Coolidge, solo), and many other ascents.

North America

1999 Denali (20,320 ft, with Pete Downie to 14,200 ft; effectively solo above)
Many ascents in Canadian Rockies, Colorado mountains, Wind Rivers, Tetons, Sierras, and Cascades.

Central America



South America


2001 (Dec 19) Plata (c6000m)
2001 (Dec 25) Aconcagua (6962m)
2003 (Feb 12) Mercedario (6770m)
and other peaks.


1984 Huayna Potosi (6088m, solo)
1984 Sajama (6520m, solo)
1984 Illimani (6402m, solo)
and several other ascents in Bolivia and Ecuador.


1974 Mushoc Shipash (c5500m, first ascent of mountain, M. Andrews (NZ), W. Katra (USA); AAJ 1975, 95-100)
1974 Tayapampa (5674m, first ascent of north face; same party; ib.)
1974 Pucahirca Norte III (5919m, first ascent of north face; same party; ib.)
1974 Pucahirca Norte II (5970m, second ascent; same party; ib.)
1974 Huascaran Sur (6729m, east face-second ascent of route, third of face; same party; ib.)



2000 Mustagh Ata (7546m, solo)


Several solo ascents, including two over 6000m.


1995 Mera Peak (6476m, with Dawa Sherpa)
1996 Parchamo (6187m, with Ongyel Sherpa)
1997 Chulu Far East (6059m, with Ongyel Sherpa)
and several solo ascents including two over 6000m


2000 Gondogoro Pk (c 5700, with Sarwar)
and several solo ascents, including one over 6000m


AAJ = American Alpine Journal
NZAJ = New Zealand Alpine Journal