Day 3. Walked to Paiju
This, like the previous two days, was overcaste with some light rain.
Day 4. Rest day at Paiju
It is an unbreakable tradition that the Balti porters buy a goat at Askole, and spend a day at Paiju resting and partying.

The view from Paiju looking up toward the Baltoro glacier --- this was the first really fine day of the trip

Balti porter

Balti porters cooking.

Sarwar had told me so many stories of parties walking to Concordia and back without getting a view of K2, and walking to Concordia and not being able cross the Gondogoro La because of bad weather, that I decided we would make good use of the fine spell. Thus, we walked to Concordia in 3 days from Paiju instead of 4, and spent only one day at Concordia instead of 2. The two days we saved turned out to be crucial to the success of the trip.